The Anchor Bend

The Anchor Bend is a modification of Two half hitches. As its name implies, it is used to bend a line onto an achor ring. It can be also be used to tie a line to a post or dock eye with more security than two half hitches. The sucurity is provided by the friction from the additional turn around the ring or post. It also "spreads" the chaffe over two turns.

To an anchor bend:
  • Make two parallel turns trough the ring (or around the post.)
  • Next, bring the bitter end up, over the two loops and pass it through them.
  • Then, pass the bitter end under the standing part, up,over it, and through the loop just made.
  • NOTE:

    Chapman Piloting shows this knot with the second half hitch reversed -- "...pass the bitter end OVER the standing part and come back through the loop just made..." However, The Ashley Book of Knots depicts the anchor bend as demonstated.

  • Tighten it up.
  • For perminent applications, it it wise to lash the bitter end to the standing part.

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