Buntline Hitch

The Buntline Hitch was traditionally used to tie a line to the foot of a square sail. Today, it is used to tie a line to a post or a halyard shackle. The knot is more secure than two half hitches but can jam. The knot is basically a clove hitch tied around itself. You may notice that this knot is the same as the standard four-in-hand knot for your necktie

To tie the Buntline Hitch:
  • After coming around the post, make an overhand loop (the loop goes over the standing part - attached or long end of the line.)
  • Bring the bitter end (free end) back up over the standing part and loop.
  • Next make a second overhand loop around the standing part inside of first loop.
  • Tighten it up.

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