Carrick Bend

This version of the Carrick Bend is also called the Full Carrick Bend, Anchor Bend, or Sailor's knot. The Ashley Book of Knots (1) describes it as "...the nearest thing we have to the perfect bend. It is symmetrical, it is easy to tie, it does not slip easily in wet material, it is among the strongest of knots, it cannot jam and is readily untied." It is primarily used in towing hawsers and cables.

To tie the Carrick Bend:
  • Begin with an underhand loop in the first line.
  • Bring the second line under the loop in the first line and the up over the standing part of the first.
  • Next bring the second line UNDER the bitter end of the first line and then begin to cross over the loop in the first.
  • Before crossing over the loop, dip the bitter end of the second line into the loop in the first and pass under its own standing part and then back up out of the loop.
  • Tighten it up.

(1) Ashley, C.W. 1944. The Ashley Book of Knots. Doubleday, New York.

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