The Monkey's Fist

Continuing from Part A. We are now looking down at your "fingers" -- the circles.
  1. Begin a second loop between your middle and index finger. This time, however, pass the line down along the back side of your index finger INSIDE of the A loops. (Remember I said to keep the loops loose.)
  2. Next, bring the line back up (hand to finger tip) along the back side of your little finger, again going INSIDE of the A loops. You should begin to be "capturing" the B loops. These are the "C loops."
  3. Now, come over the top and run the line down along the PALM SIDE of your index finger, again "capturing" the B loops but going inside the A loops.
  4. Repeat number 2, only going on the palm side of the little finger.
    At this point you should be able to pull your fingers out, and with a LITTLE tightening of these first C loops start to form a ball.
  5. You can now make a third C loops, parallelling the second.
  6. Start a forth loop going back down parellel to the third loop to finish the knot tieing part.
  7. Next, insert your weighted core into the center and start working the loops to tighten the knot.
  8. The Monkey's fist is traditionally finished by splicing the two ends and seizing with small line (multiple wraps.) You can also tie a bowline in the longer end and seize the shorter end to the bowline end in at least two places -- close to the knot and close to the bowline.


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