The Rolling Hitch

The Rolling Hitch is used to tie a line to another line which is under a strain. This knot can also be used to tie fenders to railing. It has also been used to tie a second line to a tow line, making a towing bridle, but is not the otimum knot for that purpose.

Sailors often will use this knot to take the strain off of a jammed line, such as a jib sheet which is jammed by a winch overrun. A rolling hitch is tied to the jammed line and then run to a secondary winch. The strain can be taken off of the jammed line so it can be freed.

To tie a rolling hitch:
  • Begin with a loop around the line under strain.
  • Start a second loop around the fixed line, making sure you cross up, over the first loop.
  • Repeat with a second loop which crosses the first.
  • Last, a single half hitch is made on the other side of the line.
  • Tighten it up.

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